Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Job

Just to let all you folks out there know, I work at McMenamins. Come visit me at the East 19th St. Grill. We can have a few pints! In case you don't know, McMenamins is one of Oregon's biggest breweries. We also have some damn good food. I do enjoy the fact that we sell beer to go. In fact I'm enjoying a pint at home right now!
Love and Peace!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


That's how I'm feeling about music right now. Any advice? I can't seem to write a damn thing. My guitar sits by me all day long and I have absolutely no desire to play it. Nothing. That's frustrating to me.

On the political side of things... This election was Hillary Clintons to lose and she did just that. Don't get me wrong. I like Obama, but he had an uphill battle and I am not sure how much he really did to solidify anything, Hillary just keeps screwing up. I'm okay with her losing, but I don't think Obama has done enough to get the general election. I hope he has.

Speaking of Hillary... I'm all for the ethical treatment of people of every nation and every race. That being said, how will boycotting the opening ceremony of the olympics help that? She thinks in support of Tibet, we should boycott opening ceremonies. That hurts two groups. American broadcasting companies and athletes. The broadcast in every other country will still be widely watched and China doesn't care if we show up or not, the show will go on. However, US companies will lose viewers. It's also the first olympics for a lot of athletes and they would love to be a part of that. So, yeah, let's bring Tibet up in every interview, let's make signs, let's wear clothing emblazoned with Free Tibet slogans, but let's be logical. Who are we trying to reach?

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Song

Just so anyone reading this knows, I have a new song up on my myspace.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Not so deep...

Thanks to all who commented on my last post, I appreciate your input.

A quick update. I'm working at a lame call center. Still living in Eugene. Trying to get a job at a local pub. Loving the fact that my wedding is only 5 months away. Not loving that my current job won't buy us a trip to the grocery store. Oh well. Life is good. Ya know. It's awesome to sit back and think how minor all our problems are. Then, of course, I think of the real problems in the world. Not loving that. Anyway. Miss you all. Much Love!

PS if you know of a job in Eugene, LET ME KNOW!!!

Imperium in imperio!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thought #1

I'm going to try to make my thoughts accessible, so I'll seperate them into seperate posts. On to thought one.

As a Christian, I'm struggling. I'm struggling to understand how other Christians can support the current conflict (not technically a war) in Iraq. Yes, this is a tired subject. I'm tired of hearing about it. I'm tired of hearing people complain about it. This isn't about the politics though. This is about the Faith side.

As I understand it, Jesus is all about love. He preaches it often. In the book of Matthew (in the Bible) Jesus says the most important commandment is to Love the Lord with all your heart. The really interesting thing is the second most important command: Love your neighbor as yourself. See, love is so central to what Jesus is teaching. We are to Love the Lord. And the Greek word there for love (ἀγαπάω) is the same in both texts. So we are to love our neighbors with the same love as we have for God.

Check this out: The Greek word for neighbor (πλησίον) translates "any other man irrespective of nation or religion with whom we live or whom we chance to meet."

So, we are to love pretty much the entire world. I cannot fathom how we, as Christians, can then justify being in any situation where lives are destroyed, mamed, or ended. This seems to be outside the realm of Jesus teachings.

This is where I struggle. Jesus is so intent on letting us know about love. This is the key to following him, yet so many Christians have this idea that we are fighting this extremist Muslim regime in a way that God would approve of. Let me clarify that I have not heard anyone come out and say this. I have however been to churches that have very pro war sentiments.

This is where it gets messy. We are at war. As Christians, should we not be on the side of humanity? Life? So many Christians scream "Pro-Life," yet support a war which takes so many. Shouldn't we be trying to restore the world? Isn't life that precious? Is the life of a Muslim worth less than our own? What will it take to show love to people? Can I do this on my own?

Please, join me in this thought. I welcome your comments and additions to this, the first of many thoughts.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ich erlerne Deutsches!

ed italiano!

If you aren't... that means I'm learning German and Italian. No, not in school. I got that damned Rosetta Stone software and for the love... it works. You should all get it (or email me for a copy). It's incredible and you really feel like you are learning a lot and quickly.

Anyway, I didn't break my silence to tell you that :) And I didn't break it to tell you how it's 5 in the morning and I'm not waking up, I'm going to bed. Or that I'm totally rocking out to Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye at 5 in the morning.

No, I didn't do it for that. I also didn't do it to announce Stacey and My Engagement, although that deserves it's own post. Which it got... but then Blogger decided to delete it. (So for those who didn't know, WE'RE ENGAGED!!)

In all honesty, I don't know why I'm blogging. But it kind of feels good. It's comforting... Like a drag on a cigar or cigarette or clove or whatever you light up. Like the hidden track on the Trademark CD. Like an old sweatshirt.
(Ebony and Ivory just came on my speakers. How good is that song?)

I've been talking to Cody B. a lot and I've got a lot of questions for you theological folks. A lot more for you religious folks. And quite a few for those who are searching like I. So, if anyone is still subscribing to my blog or checking it EVER, I'm sorry, but theres a storm a brewin' in my head. It's about to be unleashed in the next day or so...

Love you all. Hope you are all doing ok. I miss you.